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RTbridge & Michael Schleinkofer Trio (excerpt now playing "What goes down comes back up" from //youtube.com/watch?v=TJHP1hPt4FA)

TBridge having gone into a period of `creative pause´ in 2004,  Michael Schleinkofer creates further with his jazz trio while Richard Trowbridge explores other avenues of expression. The resulting programme is a culmination of this exploration, and the subsequent teamwork of the composers and band members. 

Evoking partnerships of Jarrett with Hendrix, Tyner with Frisell, Hancock with Scofield, the recipe is: 

mix original ingredients with Coltrane, Miles, Monk, Mingus et al; enlist multi-talents Markus Schlesag(bass), Matthias Rosenbauer(drums) to enhance rhythmic diversity and give solid foundation; allow compostions to live and breath.

Without a doubt, the music is jazz; modern jazz being the main motivator. But, it would be simply wrong to pidgeon-hole it. Thus, New Orleans surfaces to strut-its-stuff: the blues cries out to those who´ll listen: soul-soothing ballads and lyrical folk melodies float free of the darker soundscapes. A truly stimulating and thought-provoking blend .



Bluesy, funky, jazzy.......and a little pop 1997 - 2004



Photo courtesy Kish
10.10.2006 Matthias Rosenbauer, Markus Schlesag, Richard Trowbridge, Michael Schleinkofer @ Kish, Postbauer-Heng.

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